It's time to hold companies accountable for the harm they are causing their customers. Billions of dollars are being paid out for the wrongdoing they have caused. If you or a loved one have been injured or negatively affected by exposure to any of the cases or products below, you may be able to receive compensation for your pain and suffering.

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Were You Stationed At Camp Lejeune?

Between the early 1950s and late 1980s, individuals at MCB camp Lejeune were exposed to toxic chemicals in drinking water in both the residential and training areas. Over 1 million military personnel and their family members were. The following eight conditions: Leukemia, Bladder cancer, Kidney cancer, Liver cancer, Multiple myeloma, Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s disease, Aplastic anemia, and other myelodysplastic syndromes are considered presumptive for veterans who were stationed at Camp Lejeune. If you or your family members who have the above conditions related to their stay at Camp Lejeune may also be eligible for compensation from the VA.

Do You Use Roundup® Weed Killer?

Monsanto's Roundup®, the most commonly used weed killer in history, has been linked to cancer. Suffering Roundup® users are alleging they got non-Hodgkin's lymphoma from the weed killer. Roundup® lawyers expect a settlement agreement well north of $12 billion. More jury awards would push that settlement number higher. If you or a loved one contracted non-Hodkin's lymphoma after using Roundup®, see if you qualify for a claim today.

Were You Assaulted While Using A Ride-Sharing Service (i.e Uber, Lyft)

Assaults and sexual harassment in a ridesharing vehicle such as in a Uber or Lyft is more common than you think. Uber acknowledged 3,045 sexual assaults were reported in U.S. rides in 2018 alone. These assaults involved unwanted kissing, touching of sexual body parts, attempted rape, and rape. We know being involved in a rideshare sexual harassment or assault can be painful and frustrating. The vast majority of sexual assaults are not reported to the police — indeed, more than 2 out of every 3 sexual assaults go unreported. Uber and Lyft currently face hundreds of lawsuits filed by assault victims. Many survivors have gained a sense of justice and closure by holding their abusers accountable. If you or someone you know is a victim of Uber and Lyft sexual assault, physical assault, unwanted physical contact, indecent exposure, or rape, you have legal rights. The financial compensation that you are entitled to receive for your encounter of Lyft or Uber sexual assault or assault varies on a case-by-case basis, however, damages generally involve pain, suffering, therapy, medical treatments, rehabilitation, and lost earnings.

Hair straightener products linked to health problems

NIH Study finds Hair straightening chemicals associated with higher uterine cancer risk The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences(NIEHS) conducted a study called The Sister Study, which found that women who used chemical hair straightening products were at higher risk for uterine cancer & breast cancer when compared to women who did not report using these products.

AFFF (Fire Foam) exposure has been linked to several types of cancer

AFFF, or Aqueous Film-Forming Foam, is an effective firefighting agent used by firefighters from both military and civilian units to suppress fires. It has been found that this popular firefighting foam contains harmful chemicals such as PFAS (polyfluoroalkyl substances) that are believed to cause several types of cancer as a result of regular eposure. These chemicals remain both in the human body and the environment after use, often working their way into the local water supply of nearby communities through groundwater contamination.